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Are you a fitness trainer with a passion for music? Are you a singer or voice teacher looking to give your students a true vocal challenge? The VOXXBODY® Trainer Certification Program is perfect for teachers and trainers who want to offer their students and clients a one-of-a-kind training experience. 

As a VOXXBODY Certified trainer, you’ll be able to teach your own live classes, either in a gym or other fitness facility, in a school, or online.

You don’t have to be a professional vocalist to become a VOXXBODY®-certified trainer! All you need is a good ear, a sense of rhythm, and lots of motivation. We’ll teach you the rest.

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How can you become a VOXXBODY certified trainer?

The certification program is currently available as an online e-learning course. In 2020 it will also be available as a two-day live workshop. The course covers:

  • Introduction to VOXXBODY
  • Anatomy & Physiology of the human voice
  • Vocal Training Basics
  • Fitness Training & Group Fitness Basics
  • VOXXBODY® Structure & Method
  • Cueing, corrections, training tips



How does VOXXBODY® benefit my clients, or me as a trainer?

VOXXBODY® addresses an often overlooked aspect of fitness training: the human voice, something we all use every single day. The ability to train this vital part of the human body while getting fit through VOXXBODY creates a new opportunity for trainers and clubs to get new clients never before considered, potentially increasing revenue.

Who is VOXXBODY's target audience?

VOXXBODY® is designed for everyone who has a desire to improve their vocal and physical endurance, coordination, concentration, control, and confidence. Regardless if you’re a beginner, intermediate or professional performer or presenter, or simply interested in trying something new, the workout can be modified to accommodate any skill level. Special singing skills are not required to participate in the program!

Do I have to know how to sing to become a VOXXBODY trainer?

No. Any certified fitness trainer that is interested in singing/speech or verbal communication can become a VOXXBODY® trainer. Special music qualifications are not required. All you need is the ability to give verbal commands and a sense of rhythm and melody. If you can sing or already work as a vocal coach or music teacher, you will learn the basics of functional fitness training and exercise science, VOXXBODY® will teach you how to tie it all together to create a safe, fun workout environment for your clients and students.

How long is a normal VOXXBODY class?

A VOXXBODY® live class consists of 3 modules (Foundation, Rehearsal, and Showtime), each module lasting four weeks. A typical VOXXBODY workout is between 28 – 50 minutes long, depending on the module. As a trainer, you will be able to design the courses as you need to, depending on your class size and space requirements.

Is there a minimum class size for VOXXBODY?

VOXXBODY® can be taught in small or large groups or to individuals, depending on the size of the room. In a group setting, a minimum of 5 participants is ideal.

Where do I get the music for my VOXXBODY® classes?

As a VOXXBODY®-certified trainer, you will receive specially produced instrumental music tracks that are designed specifically for the vocal and fitness exercises. The tracks for the main VOXXBODY® workout are included in the certification fee. After your certification is complete, you will be granted access to the VOXXBODY® Trainer Community, where new workouts and music tracks will be available every three months for a fee of 49€ per quarter. This fee also extends your license.

What happens when my VOXXBODY® license expires?

At the end of each license period, the trainer can extend his/her license for 12 months by sending us a current course video showing that he/she still meets the standards of a VOXXBODY® trainer. For the examination of the video we charge 59€ EUR. If you have participated in an update workshop or training course in the meantime, this fee will not be charged. If you are subscribed to the Trainer Community and pay the quarterly fee, your VOXXBODY® license is automatically extended. If you still have questions about recertification, send us an e-mail:

How can I promote my VOXXBODY classes?

We will provide you with branding materials (logos, print templates, digital info material, etc.) so that you can promote your VOXXBODY® class online or offline. 

If you need any further assistance, just contact our support team.



3 Monthly Payments

  • Price excludes VAT. Taxes applied at checkout.

The course includes:

  • Video lectures
  • VOXXXBODY® Trainer Handbook
  • VOXXBODY® Practice Workouts
  • Workout Music and cue sheets for your evaluation video
  • Access to the VOXXBODY® Trainer Community (FREE for six months, 49€ / quarter afterward. Membership in the Trainer Community automatically extends your certification license)
  • Free access to the VOXBODY® Trainer Community Facebook Group 



Give your clients and students a one-of-a-kind workout that gets them – and you – physically, vocally, and mentally fit for the daily grind and beyond.