Improve your voice and get in shape in just 30 minutes a day. No voice lessons. No Gym.
A whole new way to train your voice.

Welcome to VOXXBODY! I’m Charles Simmons, entertainer, vocal & performance coach, and personal fitness trainer. I’ve drawn from my years of experience in the music and fitness industries and created the VOXXBODY Vocal Fitness System, an innovative fitness program for vocalists of all skill levels.

With VOXXBODY, you train your voice and body together, which will not only improve your vocal and physical stamina but your coordination, concentration, and confidence as well, all without expensive voice lessons or gym memberships. It’s an excellent program for your body, mind, and voice.

3 Reasons Why Sirens Are The Best Vocal Exercises

3 Reasons Why Sirens Are The Best Vocal Exercises

Learn how this simple technique can get your voice ready for action In the fitness world, dynamic warmups (where the body is in constant motion) have been shown to be very effective in comparison to static warmups (where the body stays in...

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VOXXBODY On The Road: Alice Merton

VOXXBODY On The Road: Alice Merton

Highlights from my weekend on the road with a pop star   Today I’m starting a new video series, “VOXXBODY On The Road”. I’ll be posting highlights of VOXXBODY training sessions that I conduct with my celebrity colleagues, friends, and fellow...

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Learn more about me, my work as a trainer and coach, and my motivation for creating VOXXBODY.

Learn the basics of how the VOXXBODY Vocal Fitness System works, and how it can help you achieve your vocal and fitness goals quickly, safely, and effectively.

VOXXBODY is not only a great home workout program. It’s also a fun, effective live workout for schools, fitness studios, and companies. Learn more about our workshops and classes.

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