The Ultimate Workout

For Your Body & Mind

Welcome to VOXXBODY®! I’ve drawn from my years of experience in the music and fitness industries to bring this fun, innovative new way to work out to you.

In addition to getting in great physical shape, VOXXBODY® allows you to train the most neglected part of your body: your voice, something you use every single day. This will not only improve your overall stamina, but your coordination, concentration, and confidence, too. All without complicated dance moves or weird looking gadgets. This makes VOXXBODY® a true full-body workout.

Which VOXXBODY® version is right for you? Take our Vocal Fitness Quiz to find out.

Learn the basics of how VOXXBODY® works, and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals quickly, safely, and effectively.

VOXXBODY® is not only a great home workout program. It’s also a fun, effective live workout for schools, fitness studios, and companies. Learn more about our workshops and classes.

Learn more about me, my work as a trainer and coach, and my motivation for creating VOXXBODY®.

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